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Guiding a Wide Range of Clients

Like many of the successful executives and engineers that Innovative Wealth Strategists has served over the years, we are analytical thinkers. We logically approach complex problems and arrive at well-thought-out solutions that can help you achieve success. Regardless of the type of client we’re serving, we believe everyone benefits from our core values, Integrity, advocacy, and our genuine desire to help.

Client Centered

Executives and Engineers

We realize how busy you are with all your responsibilities, so we do the heavy lifting for you. We clearly explain how your company benefits work and how to take full advantage of them. This typically includes 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plan investment selection, pensions, non-qualified deferred compensation, and company stock purchase plans.

Client Centered

Business Owners

Owning a business offers many opportunities and challenges. We show you how to take full advantage of your business and minimize risks and taxes. This may include everything from designing retirement and profit sharing plans to formulating buy-sell agreements and exit strategies.

Client Centered

Charitably Minded Individuals

Using money as a tool to help others is something we greatly value. We’ll assist you in developing a plan that is tax-efficient and magnifies the impact on the charities that are most important to you.

Client Centered

Life Transitions and Windfalls

You’ve just experienced a sudden life change such as the death of a spouse, divorce, the sale of a business, inheritance, or retirement. Now what? We walk with you through this new reality to help ensure you have the right plan for your financial future.

Transform Your Tomorrow Today

At Innovative Wealth Strategists, we are the guardians who can guide you to live an abundant life. Let’s get started today.

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